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How to Support-A-Creator in Fortnite

You can find the button at the bottom right corner of the Item Shop tab. Enter “iferal” and accept to support us!


Go to the Item Shop in Battle Royale or the Loot tab in Save the World and select “Support a Creator”. Enter “iferal” in the dialogue box to support us. You will lose nothing but give support to a creator! #EpicPartner

Free Cuddle Team Wrap

FREE Cuddle Team wrap was handed out to every player who used a Support-A-Creator code

Support-A-Creator event started October 10, 2018 and has been permanently extended. iFeral from Free the V-Bucks have been accepted to the event as a creator! As long as we are your selected Creator, we’ll get paid by Epic when you spend V-Bucks for the duration of the event. This applies to free V-Bucks that you’ve earned (from gameplay, events, or contests) as well as any V-Bucks you’ve purchased. Please do support us and keep the services running and growing by selecting “iferal” as your creator!

Your chosen creator RESETS after 14 days, make sure to reselect your creator! Can’t thank you guys enough for the support through Support-A-Creator event. Means a lot, you definitely have my gratitude!

V-Bucks giveaway to celebrate Support-A-Creator event

Thank you for all your support! Check the giveaways page celebrations. Enjoy and stay awesome!

Free the V-Bucks

Free the V-Bucks